Cerebral Vortex

MAMA Gallery 2015


Gallery Dilettante 2014

‘Cause of Itself’ is a visual and physical effort to address clarity and order through a rigid, repetitious exploration of color, form and structure. 

This body of work is composed of two primary areas of my current studio practice- mixed media works on paper, and sculptures constructed of wood. Working from within these dual parameters, I am trying to correct and make sense of emptiness, while concurrently questioning transience and the abstract notion of permanence.

My methodology is rooted in a systemic, series-driven process that enables me to reduce a visual statement to its most essential form through means of repetition. The compositions fluctuate between organic rounded shapes, and straight-edged angles. Negative space is equally, if not more important than the anchor form itself.  Once I arrive at a pictorial arrangement fit for further investigation, I am fueled by an obsessive need to address and record every subtle variation it reveals as I work.

I am heavily drawn to the allure of color and the diverse chromatic harmonies that are created when assembling these compositions. It is my intent that a visual language is born and expands as each series naturally progresses, imbued with accent and rhythm.

The large-scale sculptural pieces allow me to assess the work from a life-sized vantage point, thus furthering my understanding of this visual lexicon, and creating a physical experience in the process.

Overall, ‘Cause of Itself’ serves as an analytic investigation into the spatial perimeters of a visual system that breaks down form and linear assemblage, ultimately revealing the poetics of imperfection- and the shadow of a human hand.






With my piece 'Extrapolation of a Curve', I am attempting to display the effects of pressure and stress on an object.  With the known factors being the angle of the wall and floor of the gallery, the free-floating structures are being pressed and shaped by the wall pushing in and the floor pushing up. The slightest degree of change of either of the known factors and the curve will be altered. The objects are made from 1/8 in. strips of Masonite bent against their will and forced into an unnatural shape. The exploration of color on the individual curves is an effort to give a visual harmony to the work.

Installation of 'Ladders'

Joshua Tree, CA -  April 2015

Works on Paper